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We provide updated reviews and ratings on only the best dating services.

In a rush? Use our comparison chart for a quick overview.
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Best Dating Sites

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Best Dating Site
Best Dating Site

#1 - Match

Our suggested best dating website geared towards singles looking for a highly compatible match to enjoy serious dating and a long term relationship with.

One of the site's strong points is the size of its network with currently over 15 million active singles which members are free to browse through. Using their automatic matching system, Match will also send you 5 highly compatible matches daily to your account following your preferences and profile details

We highly recommend Match and encourage you to read our full review to get an in depth look at some of the other interesting features that help them stick out of the pack. Read Full Review.

Match Review Rating

Number of Singles :

Over 15,000,000


#2 - Chemistry

This service is great if you're looking for serious or casual dating. Their goal is to have you meeting other singles quicker following their "1-2-3 Meet" process which starts with filling out a very in depth profile, letting their automated system do all the work and send you compatible matches to have you then filter out the potential profiles.

Unlike the other services reviewed, with Chemistry, you cannot search through their network randomly as you please. You have to work with the potential matches their system sends your way which for some may be much better as it forces you to spend more time on the communication part of beginning a relationship than getting lost in scanning through millions of profiles, 99% of which is probably a waste of your time

They chose to take a slightly different angle on it and we like it. We encourage you to check out the full review. Read Full Review.

Chemistry Review Rating

Number of Singles :

Over 6,000,000


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#3 - Perfectmatch

Perfectmatch is ideal for singles looking for something serious. What sets this service apart is their matching system called "Duet" which was designed using over 30 years of research and the expertise of Dr. Pepper Shwartz, a "relationship expert".

These matches are sent to you automatically in your Perfectmatch anonymous messaging account for you to review.

You can choose to browse their network of over 4 million singles as well uses multiple search features but we find the automated "Duet" system a very strong point for these guys.

Currently offering a "buy 2 months, get 2 months free" promo, if you're looking for something long term and serious, be sure to check out the full review. Read Full Review.

Perfectmatch Review Rating

Number of Singles :

Over 4,000,000


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Up to 20% Off!

#4 - eHarmony

eHarmony boasts being responsible for 2% of American marriages which averages 236 married couples a day. An impressive claim but after filling out their questionnaire, the basis used to match all couples on eHarmony, you'll find these numbers rather reasonable.

Based around the life's work of marriage counselor and founder of eHarmony, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, this in depth questionnaire focusing on 29 dimensions of compatibility, along with their unique guided communication process makes this service ideal for singles looking for 'the one'

eHarmony is so confident in their matchmaking ability that you will not be able to freely browse their database of singles. While trusting their system is proving to work for hundreds of married couples every day, some users may prefer other dating services which allow more flexibility. Read Full Review.

eHarmony Review Rating

Number of Singles :

Over 20,000,000


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#5 - Lavalife

LavaLife is another large, well-established dating site, with over 5 million users. As a large site, there are options for singles of every background, sexual orientation, and religion imaginable. The site has a very quick sign-up, which only takes about 5 minutes and then you are on your way to meeting other singles!

Quick access seems to be a major selling point for the site. Members can browse others based on the type of interaction they’re looking for (dating, relationship, intimate, party, speed dates, etc.), and searches allow users to rapidly narrow down the dating pool by location and interests. Read Full Review.

Lavalife Review Rating

Number of Singles :

Over 5,000,000


We want to help you find the best dating websites so to get started; you can narrow down your search by a few services by asking yourself a few questions and using the comparison chart below which is followed by additional information to help you with your search for the best dating site


  • Do you want the liberty of searching through profiles yourself?

If so, look at the services below with a search feature only as some may strictly only send you compatible matches using their matching technology. For most, you are free to browse through their entire network of profiles

  • How important is the size of the network for you?

If you live in a smaller area or town, a larger network would be best to increase your odds of having more potential singles in your area. If you live in a larger city however, this shouldn't be as much of a criterion as all of the dating services reviewed have loads of singles in all major cities

  • Would you like a guarantee of finding that special someone?

Some of the services below offer an extension of service if you do not find a special someone within a certain time. For busier singles, this may be interesting to give you even more time to find that right single for you without worrying as much that the clock is ticking on your subscription

  • Do you want to test a service out before becoming a subscriber (need a free trial)?

A free trial is not always offered and sometimes only available as limited time specials. We do keep the website and promotions for each of the dating sites updated so if you do not see such an offer on this page, the dating site is not currently offering a free trial.

Each matchmaking site we review has their own automatic matching system which as a member, you will be receiving regular updates with the matches they find for you. In the end, you are here to find the best site for dating and that will work for you so it is important to take note of how each of these services and their matching systems work so be sure to read each of the reviews thoroughly.

Online Dating Services - Comparison Chart

Dating Service
Search Feature
Match Guarantee
Free Trial
Special Offer
Dating Site : Match
9.0 / 10
Dating Site : Chemistry
8.4 / 10
Dating Site : Parfectmatch
8.4 / 10
Dating Site : eHarmony
8.2 / 10
Dating Site : Lavalife
7.8 / 10

After narrowing down your search

We spend a great deal of time researching and compiling our dating site reviews to leave only what is in our opinion, and through our research the best online dating websites. Hopefully the questions and chart have helped you narrow down your search for an online dating site to only a few. We suggest at this point reading our complete reviews for each of the sites that seemed interesting for you

The reviews are very thorough, going over the services from A-Z with details on some of the key features for each, some strong and weaker aspects of the service, and even some special promotions for some of the services you won't find anywhere else

After going through the complete reviews, we are confident you'll be in a great spot to decide which online dating service is right for you and will give you the right platform to finding that special someone

Hope you enjoy our site! We love hearing from you so if you come across other dating sites you'd like to see reviewed here, or any feedback really, head to our contact page and send us an email!

Seeking the Best Dating Sites?

When you decide to set aside your old, outdated attitude towards the dating world you might find yourself struggling to get into the idea of online dating. There are so many websites out there that promise to help you find the perfect match… unfortunately you’ll find more empty promises that legitimate sites. When you’re putting your heart on the line, you should be signing up for only the best online dating sites.

At Compare Dating Site Reviews we help you to eliminate all the duds. We help you to access the top best dating sites based on the following criteria:

  • Match Compatibility
  • Number of Singles
  • Overall Features
  • Free Trial
  • Cost

A dating site review can help you to figure out exactly what you’re looking for in the online dating world. Our researchers take the time to investigate each dating site thoroughly, so all of our dating site reviews offer all the information you might need.

What Are You Looking For?

You are probably here to find the best site for dating that will work for you. The good news is that you are at the right place but it is up to you to use the resources and information on our pages to yhelp you in your search, and to get you to that perfect site the first time without having to try a second service. On our homepage you’ll find a brief description and rating on what is in our opinion the best online dating websites along with links to each of our complete dating service reviews for even more information. We’ve made sure to provide you with a full, comprehensive description of what each site offers and how it operates. Of course, none of our dating website reviews will mean anything unless you’ve figured out what you’re looking for in an online dating service.

You need to figure out which the best dating site for you. It’s a simple enough process; all you need to do is answer the following questions:

  • Do you want the liberty of searching through profiles yourself?
  • How important is the size of the network for you?
  • Would you like a guarantee of finding that special someone?
  • Free Trial
  • Do you want to test a service out before becoming a subscriber (need a free trial)

Answering the above questions will assist you in narrowing down your search. Our reviews for the best online dating sites will be a little clearer once you’ve figured out exactly what your needs are.

At Compare Dating Site Reviews we give you the opportunity to take your dating future into your own hands. You don’t need to be the kind of singleton that stumbles blindly through online dating networks, signing over checks to sites that leave you feeling disappointed.

We’re all about fulfilling our promises. We guarantee that our reviews will help you find the dating site that is absolutely perfect for you. You’ll be able to experience all the fun, romance and excitement of SAFE and SECURE online dating. You deserve to be happy, and at Compare Dating Site Reviews we truly believe that using the comparisons and reviews from our pages, you’ll find that perfect someone that is out there and ready to be found.

Dating Services : Rating Criteria

We review only the best dating sites available with proven track records and large networks of singles.

Our reviewers focus on the following criteria for each dating site:

  • Match Compatibility
  • Number of Singles
  • Overall Features
  • Free Trial
  • Cost

We've designed a rating system around these points to be able to assign a fair overall rating score for each dating site making it easy for you to compare them at a quick glance.

Dating Services : How we rate Dating Sites

Our reviewers award each criteria with a specific score. They then take the individual scores, apply the basic math, and come up with an overall score on 10 that you see next to each dating site. Here are more details on how each is rated:

Match Compatibility

The most important factor for any dating website is to provide users with a way to find compatible matches. Most of them have systems in place which take into consideration your likes, dislikes, hobbies, habits, and what you are looking for in a match, providing you with compatible suggested matches.

High scores are awarded to online dating websites providing regular matches with the use of technology that goes in depth looking at numerous factors before presenting a match. Full details of how each site provides these matches can be found within their complete dating website reviews

Number of Singles

There are a lot of fish in the sea so use this rating for an idea of how big each sea really is at each of the reviewed dating services.

Number of singles is more of a factor for those outside a major city as a larger network will increase the number of potential matches in your location. If you live in a major city, this rating is less of a factor as all of the dating services reviewed will have thousands of singles in your area.

Overall Features

High scores are awarded to dating sites that provide creative methods of communication with other singles, quality messaging / email systems, various ways to search for and find potential matches, along with how many ways the service provides you with matches while you sit back. Details for each site are provided within each dating site review.

Free Trial

Quality dating sites are usually maintained by subscriptions. Some however let you look through their database, create a profile, even try the full service free for a period of time. This rating represents the amount of free offers and promotions each dating site gives non members.


Considering the amount of singles, match compatibility, and overall features, we assign a rating from 1 to 5 stars to represent the value vs. cost of a subscription for each of these top best dating sites

Use this as a rough idea only as sometimes additional or unique features may be of interest to you and worth the extra few dollars. We suggest reading through all of our dating website reviews for complete details on each dating service.